Know and Trust your Customers

Identifying your customers with confidence helps maintain a safe platform for everyone online.

You can do your part securing the internet for good.

Risk Management

Reduce your Risk Footprint

Did you know you can perform Age Verification, without knowing the date of birth?

Knowing less about your customers can help you protect their privacy and help you reduce your risk from hacks and data leaks.

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Conversion Rates

Convert more Customers

You get an end-to-end onboarding and verification system built with a delightful user experience that helps your customers get started with ease.

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Software Development Kit

Integrate quickly and easily

The Pinwheel SDK is easy to use and comes with full instructions, examples and documentation.

We have ready made modules for popular front end frameworks, such as React, Vue and Vanilla.js.

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Snippet of Pinwheel React SDK Code
Latest Technology

Augmenting Human Intelligence

Pinwheel encompasses the latest in Machine Learning, facial recognition, liveness detection, biometrics, cryptography and decentralised architectures and delivers an onboarding platform that increases conversion rates and privacy, whilst reducing security risks and put your customers back in control.

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