MyInfo Integration Program

Get $10,000 SGD of Pinwheel credits to integrate with MyInfo quickly and easily

The National Digital Identity initiative by the Singapore Government allows private sector businesses to perform secure identity verification through the MyInfo trusted data system.

We are helping businesses like yours get a serious leg up from their competitors. No strings attached.

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Secure online platforms and on-boarding

A Trusted Environment for Your Customers

Are you allowing unverified, anonymous or fake profiles into your online systems?

Take back control of your on-boarding process and create a safe, secure and trusted environment for all.

Reduce stress, friction and anxiety

Customer-driven Consent and Control

We will work closely with you to ensure that you are only verifying need-to-know information specific to your business needs that complies with PDPC Advisory Guidelines and data minimisation best practise.

We are committed to make it a delightful experience for your customers where they have full control of their information. And they won’t need to fill up another lengthy form again.

A Delightful API for Developers

MyInfo Integration Made Simple

Integrating MyInfo can be a challenge.

Some providers might even propose solutions with significant costs that take weeks to implement.

Pinwheel has a solution ready for you, in 7 lines of code.

Get the ultimate MyInfo verification setup at everyone’s favourite price

Your on-boarding verification experience is critical for making the best first impression for your customers. That’s why we’re providing free credits for Pinwheel's MyInfo Verification service, for up to 12 months.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Incorporated for less than 10 years
  • Raised no more than US$15MM in total funding
  • Based in Singapore; either incorporated in Singapore or by majority of customers
  • Eligible companies can receive up to $10,000 SGD of credits with 12 months expiry

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